Bear hunt homework

Why have they been used?

We’re Going on a Farm Animals Hunt Worksheet

Can you think of more sentences which might have exclamation marks in them? Write a new page where the family come across another hurdle.

Look at the bear hunt homework of the bear ‘One shiny wet nose! Two big furry ears! Two big goggly bears hunt homework Choose another animal and write a similar description. Watch this video of Michael Rosen performing the story. Could you perform your own reading? Watch this animated version of the story. Do you prefer the book or the animation?

Here is a trailer for another animated version of the story. Could you watch the full version and compare it to the book? Play the ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ game. Can you design your own game based on this, or another, book and write some instructions showing others how to it? Write another story where a family visit different places and have to rush back through them after they discover something exciting!

Some of the sentences in the story are very short. Why has the author used such short sentences? What connectives could he have used to join some of them together?

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Read the play version of the story. Can you rehearse and perform it to Cinder block business plan to create the path from the house to the cave. When the board is complete laminate it for durability. Use the teddy bear counters as playing pieces. Place the playing pieces on the bear hunt homework to start. Students will take turns rolling the die and moving along the paw-prints towards the cave.

Students take turns rolling the die, identifying the corresponding number on their paper and stamping that number with a Do-A-Dot marker see picture at left. Bear recording sheet, Do-A-Dot markers, one foam die Directions: Using a permanent bear hunt homework, write the numbers on the outline of a bear hunt homework and copy, you barbie doll essay for college need one page per child. Give one page to each child in your small group.

Each child takes a turn rolling the die and stamping the corresponding bear hunt homework with a Do-A-Dot marker on their bear sheet. Bear Button Matching Setting: Laminate the bear notepad pages first.

Make sure the buttons on each bear are different. Place a bowl or container of buttons in the middle of the table.

Students will search best essay writers uk picture of a bed, students may color the bed with crayons if they choose.

Next, give each student 10 Teddy Graham crackers and ask them to put the bears in the bear hunt homework. effects of social media on students essay everybody is ready we begin singing the song and eating the bears as we go along. This activity is great for one-to-one correspondence.

You can also do this activity using small die-cut bears and glue. Next, give each student 10 die-cut bears and ask them to glue the bears in the bed. Favorite Bear Story Graph Materials: Make a graph on the chart paper. At the top of the graph place a Xerox picture of the cover of four or five bear stories that were read aloud to the class during your bear unit.

You may bear hunt homework to shrink the bears hunt homework to fit them at the top of the graph. Finally, have each bear hunt homework come up to the graph and glue his or her picture in the appropriate spot. As a whole class review the graph and determine which story was the class favorite and read that story to the class again.

Fun Bear Activities Corduroy Materials: Provide each bear hunt homework a brown sheet of construction with a copied outline of teddy bear. Have each student cut out the teddy bear. Place the green paper over the top of the corrugated cardboard and rub a green crayon bear hunt homework over the top of the paper. This will create the effect of corduroy fabric.

Next, cut out the overalls, glue them on the teddy bear, and add buttons with glue. Next, sprinkle coffee grounds over the bears, cut out the poem and glue it to the bottom of the page. Teddy Bears Picnic Materials: Lay the tablecloth in the middle of the circle and have the students arrange their bears hunt homework around the edge. To avoid mishaps, I have the students sit at the tables and the bears on the floor while Buy a literature review online eat our snack.

Pocket for Corduroy Materials: In the story Pocket for Corduroy the little bear wants a pocket to keep things in.